Marvel's Hawkeye: Freefall Introduces A New, Ruthless Ronin

Clint Barton is set to reclaim his status as the main Hawkeye in the Marvel Universe when a new miniseries titled Hawkeye: Freefall debuts in January 2020.

The series has Barton dealing with an unknown figure claiming to be the new version of Hawkeye's alter ego, Ronin, and the aftermath of a heated battle with The Hood.

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While Clint Barton is the Hawkeye most known to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the realm of comics, the moniker has been primarily used by his friend and collaborator Kate Bishop since 2016, where Bishop was the main character in that year's Hawkeye run.

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However, this is set to change when Hawkeye: Freefall releases next year. Written by Matthew Rosenberg (12 Reasons to Die, The Punisher), and with art from Otto Schmidt (Green Arrow, Harley Quinn), the story will follow Barton trying to clear his name as a "mysterious and ruthless new Ronin starts tearing a destructive path through the city." Barton also have an encounter with The Hood that "ends badly," sending him off on an enigmatic new mission. This mission, combined with the plans of the new Ronin, "will set them on a collision course that only one of them will walk away from."

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Between duking it out with The Hood, trying to unmask the new Ronin and completing his unidentified mission, it looks like Hawkeye: Freefall will be keeping Clint Barton remarkably busy, as it spins an engaging new tale for fans of Marvel's man of arrows.

Hawkeye: Freefall #1, by Matthew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt, with a cover by Kim Jacinto, will go on sale in January 2020.

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