Hawkeye Baseball Cap Celebrates The Archer's Classic Costume

Hawkeye superfans, rejoice!

Comics merchandise superstore SuperHeroStuff has reached into the Marvel Comics vaults to produce a stylish new New Era fitted Hawkeye hat that will allow Hawkeye fans to celebrate their fandom in high style while adding an eye-catching new arrow to their fashion quiver.

The $79.99 hat features the iconic blue and purple details of one of the famed archer's earliest costumes, giving purchasers the chance to sport the tell-tale "H" and dramatic mask Clint Barton donned in his very first Hawkeye appearance in Marvel's Tales of Suspense #57 in September 1964.

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The SuperHeroStuff.com listing proudly proclaims, "Stylishly add precision to your aim like the best archer since Robin Hood with this officially licensed Hawkeye Classic Costume Mask 59Fifty Fitted Hat from New Era. Featuring Hawkeye’s classic costume design on the outside and a graphic of the infamous bow-man on under the brim, you’ll be hitting bullseyes all day!"

This exclusive hat is a high-quality homage to one of Marvel's most enduring characters in one of Hawkeye's best-loved designs. It even ranked third on CBR's own ranking of Hawkeye costumes through the years. The interior features purple lining emblazoned with the Hawkeye logos, while a full-color illustration of Clint sporting the classic look that inspired it rests under the brim. The archer's classic comics text logo is also embroidered on the back of the hat. The New Era hat isn't adjustable, but does come in nine different sizes.

The hat comes at the perfect time, too, as Marvel Studios begins to unveil more details of the upcoming Disney+ Hawkeye miniseries. The recent Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe special revealed more about Kate Bishop's role in the series, and even included the much-beloved fan-favorite Pizza Dog in concept art for the show. This new Hawkeye hat bears a limited edition production number embroidered on the brim. Shoot your shot quick and pick this one up before it - perhaps like the classic design it's celebrating - disappears for good.

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