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Image Comics is inviting readers to get a look at its upcoming HAWAIIAN DICK miniseries with an all-new online strip by creators B. Clay Moore and Steve Griffin. Available for viewing at www.imagecomics.com, HAWAIIAN DICK: "STRIPS" will be a biweekly introduction to the three-issue miniseries set to debut this December.

Described by Moore as a cross between the X-Files and the Rockford Files in a film noir version of 1950s Hawaii, the series focuses on Byrd, a former big city detective hiding from his troubles in 1953 Hawaii and investigating crimes with his partner, detective Mo Kalama. The series also features an eccentric drug lord and his scheming henchmen, the psychic aunt of two island beauties, swank tiki lounges, an exotic bar girl, the mysterious Night Marchers of the Pali Highway, and a murdered kidnapping victim, returned from the dead.

HAWAIIAN DICK: "STRIPS" isn't specifically tied into the upcomingminiseries, but it does give readers a chance to glimpse this Byrd ofparadise in his natural habitat before the first issue hits the stands.

"More than anything, these strips are designed to give people a small tasteof Byrd's world," said Moore. "They might be a little more tongue-in-cheekthan the actual book will be, but Steven and I are both comic strips fans,so we had a little fun with the format."

HAWAIIAN DICK #1 will be available for order in the October issue of Diamond Previews and will arrive in stores in December 2002.

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