<i>Hawaii Five-O</i> Goes Back To The Classics

The good news about the upcoming revamp of Hawaii Five-O? To quote Craig Ferguson, CBS cares. They care so much, in fact, they're dropping the updated version of the theme music that accompanied early promos for the show.

The detail-laden news broke during a panel at yesterday's stop on the Television Critics Association tour. The Wrap has the details:

The decision to recreate the original score came after a modernized, techno version of the “Five-O” theme music leaked on the internet, drawing rancor from purists.

“What that underscored to us is you can’t change the theme,” [Producer Alex] Kurtzman said. “This is one of those things we have to be utterly respectful of, to the point where we found the original musicians and brought them in. Why mess with something that’s perfect?”

I'm not a purist, but I thought the "techno version" just sounded bad. I consider this a victory for utterly pointless aesthetic values everywhere.

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