Hawaii Five-0 Vs. Glee: Which Is The Top Time-Shifted Show?

Which show has more people watching it on DVR: Glee or Hawaii Five-0? Apparently, it all depends on how you measure it and which answer gets you a press release...

CBS have been touting the hit Hawaii as this season's "most played-back show," but Fox scheduling chief Preston Beckman begs to differ: "They have every right to make a claim, but it has to be right... They're claiming more people DVR Hawaii than any other show and that's not true. It's Glee. We just wanted to set the record straight."

Here's the weird thing: They're both right, kind of. While more people DVR Glee overall, a larger percentage of those people watch the recorded Glee before 3am of the day following broadcast than watch Hawaii, and those people are actually counted in Nielsen's ratings for same-day viewing, not DVR. Hawaii is still tops when it comes to people watching on DVR after 3am following day of broadcast, which is the way that everyone normally measures these things.

CBS' response to the Fox claim? "No one measures it [Fox's] way, although we can certainly see why they want to." Ladies, ladies: You're both pretty.

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