A Major X-Man Joins Marvel's Contest of Champions Game

As classic Marvel characters previously licensed to Fox are poised to make their full return to Marvel Entertainment, a new X-Man has joined the mobile fighting game Marvel's Contest of Champions.

Havok, the powerful mutant and occasional leader of X-Force and the Uncanny Avengers, has been added as a playable character to the game. The character is able to produce powerful plasma blasts in the form of concentric waves emitting from his containment suit.

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The estranged younger brother of X-Men leader Cyclops, Alex Summers receives synergy bonuses when placed on teams with Cyclops and Mister Sinister, Nightcrawler and Wolverine or Captain America and occasional paramour Wasp.

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First created in 1969's Uncanny X-Men #54 by writer Arnold Drake and artist Don Heck, Havok was depicted as the more volatile Summers brother, who eventually led the federal government-sponsored mutant team X-Force. Eventually, Alex would reconcile with his brother and lead the Unity team of the Uncanny Avengers, combining members of the X-Men and Avengers in the wake of the crossover storyline Avengers vs. X-Men.

Marvel's Contest of Champions is available on the App Store and Google Play for iOs and Android devices.

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