Haunting story of two girls and UFOs wins U.K. short comic contest

The winners of the Observer/Jonathan Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Competition were announced over the weekend, and the top prize winner was no newcomer: Corban Wilkin is just 22, but he has participated in the contest four times.

"The only thing I'm sad about is that I won't be able to enter again," he told Rachel Cooke of The Observer. "I've loved doing it over the past few years. The brief is tricky – a very limited format and yet complete freedom of subject matter – but it's a challenge I relished. Once you enter, your writing improves pretty quickly. Four pages is a small space in which to tell a proper story."

Wilkin's winning short story, "But I Can't," can be seen on the contest website or his own site. The story follows two girls, starting when they are 8 years old and share a fascination with UFOs and bringing them through their teens, as they take drastically different paths. He packs an amazing amount of story into just four pages, sketching the characters in a loose, expressive style with brush and ink and a limited color palette. Wilkin, who cites Craig Thompson and Seth as his influences, is also working on a longer graphic novel, and the prize money will be most welcome, he says, as the rent is due.

The runner-up is Steven Tillotson's I, Yeti, in which the Abominable Snowman gets all philosophical.

(via Forbidden Planet)

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