Haunted Horror: The Screaming Skulls and Much More

Story by
Art by
Don Heck, Doug Wildey, Bernard Baily
Cover by
IDW Publishing

You'll scream with terror when you experience these terrifying Pre-Code stories sure to rot your brain! Never collected together in book form, you'll thrill when you read under your dark covers: “Terror of the Nightmares,” “Headless Horror,” “Death Ala Carte,” “The Devil from the Deep,” and macabre more! The Ghastly Award-winning Haunted Horror series presents–in large-format bloody-color–carefully restored walking zombies, screaming skulls, and ravenous cannibal monsters!

  • Rue Morgue Magazine wails, "Classic stories! These stories are just plain fun and perfectly accomplish what good comics should: they entertain!"
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