Haunt the Fantagraphics Halloween sale for bargains

In the spirit of the Halloween season, Fantagraphics has compiled a weeklong sale on more than 25 of its horror titles discounted from 25 percent to 30 percent.

As with all of the Fantagraphics holdings, it's an eclectic mix with a variety of gems for folks to consider. Consider the Jacob Covey-curated Beasts! Book 1, with work from more than 80 artists. As ROBOT 6's Michael May noted in his 2010 review, "He [Covey] didn’t edit the book; he curated it like a museum exhibition. The book’s Introduction further reinforces that notion. It reads like a program, with a definition of cryptozoology and notes about the artists, the creatures they selected, and the approach the curator took in putting the collection together. It also shares interesting facts, points out easily missed elements of the book’s design, and even suggests the best way for 'the enthusiastic reader' to experience what’s to come. In other words, it’s not only a program; it’s a tour guide."

If the paperback edition of Beasts! Book 1 strikes your fancy, be sure to also to pick up the discounted hardback edition of Beasts! Book 2.

Fans of Richard Sala can secure a copy of 2005's Peculia and the Groon Grove Vampires, the story of when "the local baby-sitters club needs an extra sitter. That strange new family in town is expecting four warm bodies, not three — one for each member of their household. Each sharp-toothed, blood-thirsty, downright undead member of their household!"

Of all the great titles on sale -- including The Raven by Lorenzo Mattotti and (the late) Lou Reed; Weird Horrors & Daring Adventures: The Joe Kubert Archives Vol. 1; and Werewolves of Montpellier by Jason -- I would be remiss not to highlight 'Tain’t the Meat... It's the Humanity and Other Stories, which collects all of Jack Davis' Tales from the Crypt classics (written by the equally legendary Al Feldstein). As detailed at the Fantagraphics site: "This volume also includes biographical notes and essays, and an ultra-rare EC bonus: Davis's completely redrawn 3-D version of 'The Trophy!' — back in print for the first time since its original appearance 60 years ago (and for the first time in regular, easy-on-the-eyes 2-D)." To pique your interest, Fantagraphics offers a 26-page sample of the 224-page hardcover.

If any of this material interests you, it would behoove you to not linger on buying; as the publisher emphasized in its announcement "some of these are in very limited supply."

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