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Hate it or, Well, Hate it Less Than Others…

by  in Comic News Comment
Hate it or, Well, Hate it Less Than Others…

One More Day/Brand New Day has just about been the most divisive comic book related event that I have seen in many moons. I’ve been through a ton of these babies, and I have a pretty good ear for what’s going to get what kind of a reaction, and even I was stunned by how big of a reaction this thing got. Pick your past controversy (and there have been plenty), and this one puts them all to shame. Mary Jane statue (a good thing about One More Day is that we now have to forget about that statue, right? Thanks, Mephisto!), Captain America being killed, tentacle porn on covers, Batman vs. Al-Qaeda, the goddamned Batman, Avengers Disassembled (help me out here, these controversial things happen so often that I’m running out of examples – there have to be more, right?), all of them pale in comparison to the uproar over One More Day/Brand New Day.

So I have to say that I really don’t think Augie De Blieck Jr.’s is right when he says:

Certainly, you say, Marvel’s never weathered an editorial storm this big.

Oh, but they have. What short memories we all have. Why, Marvel published a book about it. It had the cumbersome title of MARVEL 2000-2001 YEAR IN REVIEW: FANBOYS AND BADGIRLS, BILL AND JOE’S MARVELOUS ADVENTURES

I really don’t see the comparison working here at all, as while 2000-01 certainly had some controversies, none of them were THAT big. So I was hoping that maybe Augie could convince me with his examples, but, well, I remain unconvinced.

But maybe I’m off base. You tell me, folks. You read Augie’s piece and tell me if you think the uproar over One More Day/Brand New Day is not much different than the events of 2000-01, as related by Augie in the column.

Heck, for bonus points, just tell me a comic book controversy that you think was bigger than this one, period (and it has to be internet era, consarnit!)!

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