Haspiel to 'make Woodgod honorable' in <i>Strange Tales</i> sequel

With the announcement that a Strange Tales sequel is in the works from Marvel, some of the creators are starting to talk about their contributions. We already heard from Gene Yang and Rafael Grampá, who are respectively working on tales starring Frog Man and Wolverine. And now Dean Haspiel reveals he's bringing Woodgod out of the moth balls for a new story.

"I performed a creative séance and summoned the spirit of Jack Kirby, whose only association to Woodgod was his cover contribution to the origin issue," Haspiel writes on his LiveJournal. "Perhaps foolishly, I decided to attempt the impossible and make Woodgod honorable. My personal challenge was to banish Woodgod from the bad character idea drawer, pay homage to my favorite Marvel anthology, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE [which featured my favorite Marvel character, The Thing], and high-five Jack Kirby. This fall, Marvel will publish the results and fans will decide if I prevailed."

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