Hasbro, Mattel Reportedly in Merger Talks

Hasbro and Mattel, the world's two largest toy companies, are considering a merger. Bloomberg Business reports that the toy giants met in late 2015 to discuss a possible transaction, and have continued to have talks since.

If the deal goes through, the resulting company would be the world's single biggest toy manufacturer, and have the license for Marvel (Hasbro) and DC (Mattel) figures. Hasbro also has the rights to produce toys for properties like "Transformers," "My Little Pony" and "G.I. Joe," while Mattel's got "Barbie," "Masters of the Universe," "Hot Wheels" and "Fisher Price," among others.

The details of a potential merger haven't been revealed, but the report speculates that the deal would be under high scrutiny from the United States government, since the new corporation would make up one quarter of the country's toy market.

Mattel tried to buy Hasbro 20 years ago for $5.2 billion. The bid was ultimately unsuccessful, with Mattel citing what it called a "scorched earth" campaign on the part of Hasbro to prevent the deal as the reason the acquisition failed.

Hasbro and Mattel declined to comment to Bloomberg on the deal.

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