Hasbro Announces Iron Man Augmented Reality Helmet and Game

Hasbro's first augmented reality toy will be a Marvel-themed one that will provide users with a heads-up display allowing them vision as none other than Iron Man in a fight against the mighty Thanos.

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The Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience enables kids or role-playing adults to become Iron Man by first putting an iPhone or Android phone inside a special pair of goggles that slip inside a mask designed after the Iron Avenger's helmet.

Once paired with the free app, users can then place down AR markers anywhere in the room they desire and put the mask on to see their own arm as Iron Man's in order to prep for the fight against the Mad Titan and his army.


Users can then use their palms to shoot Thanos and his minions who can spawn anywhere the markers have been placed. The Hero Vision set comes with the helmet, AR goggles, AR markers, a gauntlet and an Infinity Stone token that activates the app. It clocks in at around $50 and will debut at Toy Fair 2018, which will take place in New York City starting this Friday.

(via CNET)

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