Hasbro in Talks for <i>Transformers 4</i>, Still Channeling <i>Ouija</i> Movie

It should come as no surprise that Hasbro has plans to continue the Transformers film franchise. The movies make huge bank -- the most recent one earning just under $353 million, according to Box Office Mojo -- while also giving the toy giant plenty of new material to base action figures on. So, when Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner mentioned the company is in talks with Paramount, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg about the series' next installment, it wasn't much of a revelation.

As The Hollywood Reporter reports, Goldner discussed this and other Hasbro properties while on a conference call about the company's recent earnings, which got a nice boost thanks to the summer's Dark of the Moon. He also mentioned that the adaptation of the spooky, ghost-communicating Ouija board has not been dropped, but financially restructured in a similar fashion to what Disney did with The Lone Ranger.

In other movie news, Battleship will be out next year, and projects based on action figures like Stretch Armstrong and Micronauts are in the works alongside board game properties like Candyland, Risk, Clue and Monopoly. However, even with so many irons in the fire, the toy company doesn't feel the need to produce its own movies, although working out something along the lines of what Marvel does wouldn't be out of the question, Goldner said.

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