Has Bendis' Work Changed Dramatically?

Awhile back, I did a bit on what I felt were the Top Five Brian Michael Bendis comics. Looking back at it, it is kinda striking that most of what I felt were Bendis' best works were comics from a number of years ago, such as Jinx, Torso and Alias. It appears that Don MacPherson feels the same way, and he has decided to see why he feels that way, by examining Bendis' current work in an attempt to see whether Bendis has, in fact, changed, and if he has, has it been for the worse?

One quick point on Don's piece, I think I agree with my pal Jeremy, who noted that the three double-page spreads in a row in the latest issue of Mighty Avengers was more likely a sort of "thank you/goodbye" by Bendis to his frequent collaborator, Mark Bagley, than any statement about Bendis' writing.

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