Harvey Awards Ballot Correction

The original June 18 news release announcing the 2008 Harvey Awards nominees contained an error in the category of BEST BIOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL OR JOURNALISTIC PRESENTATION.

In this category, the MEANWHILE....COMICS! website was erroneously included in the list of nominees. The correct nominee is R.C. Harvey's book, MEANWHILE...., A Biography of Milton Caniff, published by Fantagraphics Books. A full review and recount of all Harvey nominations in this category has been completed by Harvey Award administrator Paul McSpadden. We apologize to both parties for the error.

As a result of this correction, the ballot has been modified and made available on the Harvey Awards website. Voters who have already cast final ballots may submit revised ballots should this nomination revision affect voting preferences in this category.

The error was initially brought to our attention by Jackie Estrada, administrator of the Eisner Awards, and JK Parkin, managing editor of blog.newsarama.com. We are grateful for this opportunity to revise out list of nominees and correctly recognize R.C. Harvey's MEANWHILE and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The Harvey Awards are presented annually to those creators and publications that receive the most votes from their peers in the comics industry. At the beginning of each year, nominating ballots are online at the Harvey website and sent to comics professionals and publishers. Qualifying professionals are able to nominate up to five entries in each category. The top five nominees, plus ties, in each category are placed on the final ballot. Final ballots for this year are due no later than August 15, 2008.

The Harvey Awards Executive Committee oversees the publication and mailing of the nominating ballots, tabulation of the nominees, publication and mailing of the final ballot, tabulation of the final votes and organization and presentation of the awards. The Executive Committee does not nominate candidates for the Harvey Awards, nor engage in selection of the candidates or winners. This is done solely through votes cast by the comics professionals who choose to participate in the process.

Ballots are available to all qualifying comics professionals directly from the Harvey Awards Executive Committee, from publishers who disseminate them to professionals in their employ or on the Harvey awards website. The Harvey Awards Executive Committee and its subgroups work strictly on a volunteer basis. The Harveys employ no paid staff and are completely funded from the generous donations of its sponsors.

For additional information about the Harvey Kurtzman and the Harvey Awards, visit www.harveyawards.org. For additional information about the Baltimore Comic-Con, visit www.comicon.com/baltimore

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