Hartnell Triples Down with "Danger Girl: Trinity"

IDW Publishing has brought back its line of femme fatales in "Danger Girl: Trinity" #1 written by "Danger Girl" co-creator Andy Hartnell. Each installment of the four issue miniseries features three stories based around a different member of the Danger Girl team with art by John Royle, Harvey Tolibao and Stephen Molnar.

Hartnell co-created "Danger Girl" with "Trinity" cover artist J. Scott Campbell in 1995, following the daring adventures of secret agents Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage and Sonya Savage as they travel around the world on covert missions.

Hartnell spoke with CBR News about "Danger Girl: Trinity," revealing why he chose to go with an anthology format this time around, musing over a potential sequel to "Danger Girl / G.I. Joe" and teasing a return to interiors on the book for co-creator J. Scott Campbell.

CBR News: Andy, why did you decide to use an anthology format for "Danger Girl: Trinity?"

Andy Hartnell: I was a couple issues into the "Danger Girl / G.I. Joe" crossover when I starting counting and realized we were playing with about 30 to 40 characters. Probably even more by the time we got to the final issue. I loved doing it, but then I thought about really just going in the complete opposite direction with the next "Danger Girl" series, focusing on just one character at a time.

All three Danger Girls are in "Trinity," but they're each on their own adventure. A little more fun is added to the mix by having 3 artists on the series -- each teaming up with their own Danger Girl.

Does each "Trinity" issues feature all three Danger Girls' stories or does a certain girl take center stage?

Abbey, Sydney and Sonya are in every issue, featured in five to nine pages in each.

What do each of your three artists bring to the table?

Everyone brings their own unique style; we really wanted three guys who complimented each other but also stood out on their own. So with the three artists, it's almost like we have a new "actor" playing each of the three character's parts.

For Abbey Chase's story, we have the art team of John Royle and Phil Moy -- they're the same guys responsible for "Danger Girl / G.I. Joe." Harvey Tolibao is doing the story of Sydney Savage, and we have Stephen Molnar doing the story of Sonya Savage. Romulo Fajardo Jr. is coloring the entire series. It's really cool we can jump back and forth between artists, each with their own unique style, but still have Rom there to tie the entire series together with his colors.

Then we have J. Scott Campbell doing all four issue covers. The art he's bringing to them is beyond stunning -- he's even redesigned the "Danger Girl" logo with more art revealed inside it. Going a step further, we have Nei Ruffino to color J. Scott's covers -- it just doesn't get better than that.

Speaking of your co-creator J. Scott Campbell, can fans expect to see him pencil interiors for "Danger Girl" again anytime soon?

It's what everyone wants, Campbell included. For him to commit to interiors, for a run on an entire series... it'll happen. He's interested. It'll happen one day. But soon? Not quite yet.

Any plans to write any non-"Danger Girl" comics in the near future?

There are plenty of "plans" and there are a couple things actually happening, but neither of them have been announced just yet. I have a really fun series sketched out for a DC character -- it's something I've been doing just for fun, but it's probably the thing I'd most like to do next, outside of "Danger Girl." It's a big new concept on a big classic character -- that's the hardest combo to get a green light on.

Can you hint which DC character you have in mind to take a shot at?

Not really. Like I said, I'm just doing it for fun right now. I keep working at it only because it's one of those ideas that just won't go away; it only works with that one specific character. When you have an idea that won't work with Iron Man, Spider-Man, Luke Skywalker or any other character, then you know you have something really interesting to say about that character.

I also had J. Scott Campbell really excited about the idea. He's the only person I've pitched it to... now it sounds like I'm really over-hyping this thing that may never happen! Oh well, it's fun to think about.

Are there any plans for "Danger Girl" in other media right now, like film, TV or videogames?

None of the above. "Danger Girl" was optioned for both TV and feature film projects, several times, but as of now, all of those rights have reverted back to us. We're really focused on the comic books now. If a cool opportunity comes up we'd certainly take another look at it.

"Danger Girl" has had success in recent years blending with franchises like "Army of Darkness" and "G.I. Joe." Are there any other franchises you'd like to see crossover with "Danger Girl" in the future?

Not that I can mention.

I can tell you the "Danger Girl / G.I. Joe" crossover was an absolute blast. It was a total dream project the whole way through. The creative team was having fun, the guys at IDW were having fun and then hearing so many people were really enjoying it and wanting more? It turned out to be the perfect match. I love that series.

Then we have the "Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness" crossover. Such a weird combination, right? It SHOULDN'T have worked, but then that one went over really big as well! I had a lot of fun on that series. It was my first time working with penciler/inker Cris Bolson, and he just really put that book over the top. He's a really great guy to work with and has a great sense of humor. I think the "Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness" trade paperback collection is coming out in July from Dynamite/IDW, so check it out!

It sounds like the "G.I. Joe" crossover wasn't only commercially successful but personally gratifying for you as well. Any hopes for a sequel?

We started talking about a "Danger Girl / G.I. Joe" trilogy before starting on the first series. There's just so many characters to play with, so many places you can take them. I'm a huge "G.I. Joe" fan -- I'd like for the series to continue at some point.

When so many '90s properties have fallen by the wayside, why do you think "Danger Girl" has had such lasting appeal to fans?

We keep trying to deliver a fun and exciting book. "Danger Girl" has been around for 15 years now and there's still nothing else quite like it.

"Danger Girl: Trinity" #1, written by Andy Hartnell, is available for purchase April 17 from IDW Publishing

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