Harry Potter: Pottermore Reveals an Insanely Gross Fact About Wizards

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets bathroom

According to a new piece of gross-out trivia about the Harry Potter universe, wizards didn't always use the bathroom in conventional ways.

A new tweet for National Trivia Day from the official Pottermore Twitter has revealed that Hogwarts only adopted Muggle plumbing in the eighteenth century. In a disgusting scenario that most people have probably never thought of before, witches and wizards used to go to the toilet where they stood and magic their excrement away.

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Although the plumbing issue could've cast doubt over the origins of the ancient Chamber of Secrets, Pottermore has also taken this into account. Established by founding father Salazar Slytherin in the early days of Hogwarts, the Chamber of Secrets was apparently protected when bathrooms were installed in the school.

J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a whole universe in itself that connects the books, movies and plays that released after Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in 1997. As Rowling's series continues to grow, more and more information about the franchise's backstory has been revealed — even if it isn't always necessary. Rowling has been accused of retroactively changing her fan-favorite series over the years, but this could be one of the weirdest alterations yet.

There are still some questions surrounding the trivia. Harry, Ron and Hermione don't learn a vanishing spell until their fourth year, raising a few eyebrows about what younger students would've done with their mess. Did Muggle-hating pure-bloods adopt this strange technology or simply continue going the old-fashioned way? Also, with civilizations as old as the Egyptians having functional toilets, why was the Wizarding community so far behind?

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Pottermore is known for getting its canonical facts from Rowling herself, meaning the trivia is 100% official. While audiences hopefully won't have to see this play out in a possible prequel movie that charts the early days of Hogwarts, most agree that they could've happily continued their lives without knowing about magical bowel movements. Either way, it sounds like the franchise could've been called Harry Pooper.

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