Footage of Harry Potter RPG Apparently Leaks Online


A description and trailer for a purported Harry Potter RPG has been leaked online

The leak reveals the game will be set in the 1800s, and center around a new Hogwarts student. Initially believed to not be magical, the player character arrives at the school as a fifth-year student with massive potential and the unique ability to find otherwise-lost sources of power. But something stirs in the Forbidden Forest that prompts the player character and one of their professors, Elezar Fig, to set off on a mission to uncover the magical mysteries and protect Hogwarts.

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The game will reportedly feature a great deal of open world exploration, allowing players to perfect spells and potions, fight off supernatural enemies, and explore Hogwarts to their hearts content. It will also feature a branching storyline that permits players to choose their allies, their enemies, their house, and eventually even their moral alignment.

While initial reports suggested the game is being developed by Rocksteady (Batman: Arkham Knight), that has since been denied. The leaked footage itself has been removed from YouTube by Warner Bros. Entertainment Interactive, citing copyright grounds.

The game's title has yet to be announced, although rumors suggest it could be Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

(via Reddit)

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