Harrison Ford is the Only Indiana Jones, According to Producer Frank Marshall

"Indiana Jones 5" will not recast Indiana Jones, as producer Frank Marshall assures fans that Harrison Ford will always be the only actor to portray Indiana Jones on the big screen.

When speaking with Variety at CinemaCon, Frank Marshall was asked about the possibility of recasting Harrison Ford. Marshall said that he could never imagine another actor playing the role. "We are not going to do the Bond thing, we think those characters are iconic, and those are the only actors who can play that."

When news broke a few weeks ago that Disney would be back with a fifth "Indiana Jones" movie, fans we excited to learn that Harrison would be back to reprise his role. When asked about whether or not there would be more films to follow "Indiana Jones 5," Marshall said, "It's all about the story."

Based on these comments, it sounds like whether or not Harrison Ford's Jones retires in the fifth film, or even dies, no one will replace him as Indiana Jones. This is similar to  the way that Jeremy Renner didn't replace Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, but rather took on the role of another Treadstone survivor, Aaron Cross.

"Indiana Jones 5" will swing into theaters July 19, 2019.

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