Harris, Millar signing at Midtown Comics

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Midtown Comics in New York City will host a comic book signing event with fan favorites Mark Millar and Tony Harris on Saturday, August 16th, from 4-6 PM, the first stop in their "War Heroes: Tour of Duty" signing tour. If you've been wondering what Mark Millar had planned for "Ultimates 3", then wonder no more â€" this is it! The mind that reinvented superheroes for the 21st Century joins forces with one of comicdom's best artists to chart new courses for superhero action in a series that will definitely be one of the most talked about of the year!

Mark Millar is the author of fan favorite books such as "Authority", "Superman: Red Son", "Ultimates", and "Wanted" and is currently enjoying a much-lauded return to "Wolverine" with his "Civil War" co-creator, Steve McNiven, as well as working on the best-selling "Kick-Ass" from Marvel/Icon and "Fantastic Four". Tony Harris just wrapped up his run on Marvel Knights' "Spider-Man: With Great Power..." and is the co-creator of "Ex Machina" with writer Brian K. Vaughan. One his most memorable works, "Starman", from DC Comics, has just recently been given the "omnibus" treatment, with the first volume becoming an instant best seller. All of these titles are now best-selling graphic novels.

With "The Dark Knight" breaking box office records, Hollywood is mining comic books for source material like never before. The work of Mark Millar is no exception: His Top Cow series, "Wanted", was recently a blockbuster theatrical hit and "Kick-Ass" is already creating Hollywood buzz, with Matthew Vaughn (Stardust, Layer Cake) slated to direct the film version. "War Heroes" is poised to follow this trend.

Midtown Comics opened its first store in 1997, and is now the industry's leading retailer of comic books, graphic novels and Manga, with its online store as well as two landmark NYC locations in Times Square and Grand Central.

More information is available online at: http://www.midtowncomics.com

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