Harley Quinn vs. Lobo: How Injustice's Biggest Upset Happened

Injustice Harley Quinn Lobo

The best-selling Injustice video game franchise and tie-in comic books take place in an  alternate universe has seen its fair share of interesting match-ups between the heroes and villains of the DC Universe. Unlikely teams of heroes and villains battle for survival and supremacy in a dark world where Superman has installed a totalitarian regime following the murder of Lois Lane.

Among the most seemingly mismatched fights in the comic books is a fight between Injustice's Harley Quinn and the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo resulting in one of the bloodiest surprises in the series. Here's how Injustice reimagined the two antiheroes and how exactly the biggest upset in the series went down.

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Harley Quinn in Injustice

Injustice Harley Quinn

The prequel comics to the first Injustice game revealed that Harley assisted the Joker in kidnapping Lois and surgically implanted a heartbeat monitor that would set off a nuclear bomb in Metropolis if her heart stopped. After the Joker tricked Superman into believing his pregnant wife was Doomsday, he accidentally killed her and set off the bomb in the heart of his beloved city. Superman then kills the Joker while the Clown Prince of Crime is in custody as Harley goes into hiding.

Green Arrow offers Harley shelter before Superman kills him for helping her, with Harley later confronting Black Canary. The two fight over Oliver Queen's death, only for the fight to stop when Harley realizes that Canary is pregnant with Oliver's child. Harley reveals she has a secret daughter of her own named Lucy, raised by her sister with the young girl believing Harley to be her aunt. Bonding over their shared secrets, Harley officially joins the resistance against Superman's regime though many are distrustful over her due to her role in Lois' death.

Lobo in Injustice

Injustice Lobo

Much of Lobo's background in the Injustice Universe remains consistent with the classic incarnation from the main DC Universe. The self-proclaimed main man is part of an extraterrestrial race known as the Czarnians and the last of his kid after wiping the rest of his race out by intentionally unleashing a plague of cosmic scorpions on them.

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Possessing superhuman strength, speed and endurance, Lobo now patrols the stars taking his brutal services to the highest bidder as a bounty hunter and enforcer. As Superman attempts to solidify his power base after installing his regime on Earth, Lobo is hired by the Man of Steel and his ally Hal Jordan to bring in insurgents and others that may oppose the regime's rule.

The Big Upset

Injustice Harley Quinn vs Lobo

In 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual #1 by Tom Taylor, Xermanico, Mike S. Miller and Bruno Redondo, Superman hires Lobo to track down Harley Quinn for her role in Lois' murder and resistance against his regime. The assignment becomes infuriatingly personal for the Czarnian when Harley steals Lobo's bike, leading him to trace her to the Arrow Cave where Harley is hiding out with Green Arrow from another universe and Black Canary.

As the Main Man breaks in, Ollie shoots arrows into both of Lobo's eyes before he is further disoriented by taking the full brunt of Dinah's sonic Canary Cry up close. The most shocking moment occurs immediately thereafter, with Harley climbing atop Lobo and effortlessly ripping off his head to the horror of her compatriots.

Unbeknownst to Lobo, Harley had ingested an experimental pill developed by Lex Luthor to temporarily give users metahuman powers including super-strength. Before Lobo can regenerate and revive, the trio move him into restraints capable of keeping even the main man locked down. Before her captive audience, Harley delivers a quick therapy session, drawing from her professional background as a psychiatrist, with Lobo vowing to regain his standing in the universe before leaving the trio to return to the stars.

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