Harley Quinn: Villain of the Year Teases Villainy's Biggest Night

DC has shared a first look at December's Harley Quinn: Villain of the Year #1, by Mark Russell and Mike Norton.

The preview art features Harley Quinn and numerous other villains from across the DC Universe dressed to the nines as they attend the Annual Villain Awards at the Hall of Doom. There's also a heartwrenching in-memoriam section for such baddies as Krull, Snakebite, Deathstroke, Master Jailer and Lex Luthor.

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Harley Quinn: Villain of the Year #1

  • Written by Mark Russell
  • Art by Mike Norton
  • Colors by Hi-Fi
  • Cover by Amanda Conner
  • Who is DC’s Villain of the Year? Find out the results of YOUR votes in Harley Quinn: Villain of the Year #1! Harley Quinn hosts "Villainy's Biggest Night," as the DCU's most dastardly gather at the Hall of Doom to do what they do best—congratulate themselves! But one villain has a secret plan, fueled by years of being overlooked by his peers, and the burning desire to receive the praise he so rightly deserves... Don't miss out on a one-of-a-kind comic book experience, with the winners decided by you, the fans!
  • In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
  • Final Orders Due: Nov 18, 2019
  • SRP: $4.99

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Harley Quinn: Villain of the Year #1, by Mark Russell and Mike Norton, goes on sale Dec. 11 from DC.

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