Harley Quinn To Feature In New "Arkham City" DLC?

Following Harley Quinn's new origin in the pages of last month's "Suicide Squad" #7, it looks like Harley fans will have a new reason to rejoice. According to the PS3Trophies.org entry for "Batman: Arkham City," new downloadable content featuring Harley Quinn is set to drop with a TBA release date. So far, most DLC for Rocksteady Studios' award-winning game consists of challenge maps or character skins -- but the trophies for the Harley Quinn DLC heavily imply a single player campaign add-on as opposed to character-specific challenge maps. Trophies include "Breaking and Entering," where players will have to "find a way in to the secret base" and "How's It Hanging?" which tasks players to "clean up the Dry Docks." There are a whopping ten trophies in all, comparable to the six trophies included with the Catwoman DLC campaign and the two trophies apiece featured in the downloadable Nightwing and Robin challenge maps.

The last downloadable content released by Rocksteady was a "Batman, Inc." themed skin in December 2011. The studio has so far stayed silent on the subject of its next project, though it teased the possibility of "Batman: Arkham World" at last year's Spike TV Video Game Awards. Hopefully the possibility of a single player experience starring Harley Quinn will tide Bat-fans over until Rocksteady comes clean about the next installment in its "Batman" Arkham saga.

Keep it tuned to CBR News for more on Harley Quinn's "Arkham City" outing.

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