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Crazy In Love: 15 People Harley Quinn Has Romanced

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Crazy In Love: 15 People Harley Quinn Has Romanced

Everyone knows that Harley Quinn is a woman with a pretty loose grasp on reality. But she’s also someone people can’t help but become entranced by. Maybe it’s her wild personality, or how uninhibited she has become in more recent years, but Harley has definitely become many a person’s crush. So for those characters looking for a little excitement in their lives, a romantic appeal has definitely developed around the clown girl.

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You might know a couple of Harley’s more iconic love interests, but she has actually dabbled in more relationships than you might realize. From the dysfunctional to the heartfelt, Harley has had a pretty wild journey trying to find the one for her. So we’re looking at Harley’s many loves over the years to see who she was nuts about, and who she was just plain nuts to ever date.


Even fans who just got their first taste of Harley from the Suicide Squad movie know about this one. Harley and the Joker are so tied to each other that their romance is far and away the most well-known of everyone Harley has been with. Initially Harley was just the Joker’s loyal lackey in Batman: The Animated Series, hopelessly in love with him. But as the years went by, Harley realized how bad the relationship was and decided to strike out on her own to healthier bonds.

Though Harley has shown a lot more independence as time has passed, she has never quite shook loose of the Joker’s hold on her. Even in recent years she has found it hard to resist his sociopathic charm. Regardless of who else Harley gets with, there’s no doubt that her relationship with the Joker is the one that has affected her the most, and is the one she will be most famous for.


The common notion is that it’s the Joker who is in love with Batman given their long and personal rivalry, but maybe Harley Quinn has a thing for the Dark Knight too. Catwoman certainly finds the masked vigilante attractive, so maybe there’s something about a guy in a bat suit that appeals to people. Regardless, despite her antagonistic relationship with Batman, Harley has actually showed him some affection on numerous occasions. And Batman never exactly seems to mind it either.

Batman: The Animated Series is probably the most famous example of their romance. In the episode “Harley’s Holiday” we see that Batman has actually developed a soft spot for the villainous sidekick and works to protect her and encourage her to reform. Harley isn’t quite at the point of turning good yet, though, so the episode ends up with Batman and Robin escorting Harley back to Arkham Asylum. But Harley appreciates Batman’s efforts so much that she gives him a kiss… and then goes back for seconds.


If you figured Harley would only ever be attracted to villains, the years have proved otherwise. It turns out Harley is actually very open in her tastes, welcoming relationships with men and woman, as well as villains and heroes. Though this particular interest wasn’t exactly mutual, even by Harley’s own account of the events. It went down in the Harley’s Little Black Book series, which shared stories told by Harley that may or may not be true.

In issue one of the series, it was revealed Harley is a huge Wonder Woman fan. Harley was such a big fan that when she learned Diana was in danger, Harley went to the Amazon’s apartment to protect her. And by protect we mean gas her unconscious, steal her outfit, and go out to fight the people after her. Diana woke up naked in a bathtub with nothing to wear but Harley’s outfit, so she eventually tracked Harley down to help in the fight and have a talk with the villain. Diana wasn’t that appreciative of Harley’s help, but the latter was convinced that the adventure was the beginning of their romance.


If you’ve seen the new Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie, then you are already well aware of this romance. Just from the trailers for the movie fans were already speculating that Nightwing and Harley might be exploring a new dynamic to their interactions, and they certainly did. If you thought Batman and Batgirl having sex in the animated Killing Joke movie was odd, then this scene raises the bar even higher.

After searching the city for Harley, Nightwing finally finds her, but initially wishes he hadn’t. She winds up tying him down to a bed and seems like she might have plans to hurt him. Instead, she slips into a more alluring outfit and decides to have some fun with the trapped hero. Nightwing does show enthusiasm once he realizes what Harley has in mind, so the scene fortunately doesn’t get too uncomfortable with Nightwing being tied down. We would have figured Harley would be into this sort of thing, but it was definitely a surprise to see Nightwing excited for it as well.


Harley’s Little Black Book is a series that gives us a look at numerous stories that may or may not be true due to Harley’s skewed narration of reality. One such story sees her getting ahold of a red and black Lantern ring which not only ties together nicely with her outfit, but also makes her a lot more powerful and dangerous. Green Lantern quickly steps in to put a stop to her, and they get involved in an arm wrestling contest using their power rings. But before we can get a definitive winner, Harley becomes distracted by aliens interfering in the fight.

This eventually leads to Harley and Hal Jordan teaming up to stop the evil invaders, and even sees Harley become a Green Lantern for a bit. Once their mission to protect the Earth proves successful, Harley decides to celebrate by planting a kiss on Hal. Hal is happy to reciprocate, but is definitely taken aback by Harley’s hands wandering a little low down his back. Even though it was just one kiss, Hal seemed like he’d be into getting to know Harley better in the future — at least if you believe Harley’s account of events.


If you thought Deadshot and Harley Quinn had chemistry together in the Suicide Squad movie, that was probably intentional on the part of the writers. Though we see Deadshot ultimately stand by being a family man for his daughter, and Harley is sprung from prison by the Joker, the two villains have in fact been together in the comics.

One of the weirder instances of Harley and Deadshot getting involved came not long after the Joker had asked for the Dollmaker to remove his face. The Joker’s face turned up in Harley’s possession and she decided to put it on top of Deadshot’s face while he was tied up and pretend he was the Joker. Seeing Harley get into such weird role play was definitely creepy, but her and Deadshot have also gotten romantically involved even without the Joker’s rotting face being involved. So maybe Deadshot can take it as a compliment that she still finds him attractive when he doesn’t look like a decaying clown.


By now everyone knows about Harley forming a team with the Suicide Squad and the Gotham City Sirens, but a partnership we’re not expecting to show up on screen any time soon is her team with Power Girl. The two woman actually got their own comic series, juxtaposing the erratic and zany nature of Harley with the serious and powerful personality of Power Girl. Predictably it results in some pretty bizarre adventures, but for Harley it also creates some romantic interest.

Fans guessed that there might be some underlying feelings behind the alliance, and Harley eventually confirmed her view on that topic. In the panel above you see how Harley has a whispered idea to share with Power Girl, but in the next panel Harley has been placed atop the Eiffel Tower. “When I said French I wasn’t talking about France!” Harley cries after being abandoned on the landmark. Apparently Power Girl wasn’t in the mood for a kiss and decided to make it clear that Harley was in the friend zone.


Fans had speculated for years that Harley might be bisexual due to several stories that teased a pretty close friendship with Poison Ivy. Ivy is a rare person who has actually shown she cares about the well-being of Harley, and wants better for her than living a deranged and abused life. It’s actually pretty surprising given how Ivy usually shows the most concern for plants and is not typically that big on other people. But apparently she and Harley click pretty well.

More recently the fan speculation about these two dating has been made official through multiple stories. It’s an aspect that is now openly acknowledged in their comics, and is at the very least hinted at with their modern animated stories. Of all Harley’s relationships, this is the one many of her fans like the most because it is healthy and mutually loving. Though it’s fun to see Harley try out other romances, the love between her and Ivy is the one that a lot of people want to see last for the long term.


Think the Joker is the weirdest person Harley has ever taken an interest in? Harley’s Little Black Book #6 might have changed that. In this issue, Ms. Quinn has an encounter with Lobo, the regenerating bounty hunter with a flying motorcycle. With someone as odd as that entering Harley’s life, you already know things were bound to get weird. And like all good love stories, it starts with nearly being burned alive, then winding up on an abandoned island.

Despite Lobo’s skin being pretty crispy while he waits for it to regenerate, Harley is pretty appreciative of him saving her from the blaze. Realizing their outlooks mesh better with each other than they do with normal people, the two villains eventually ditch their clothes and decide to have fun on their private island. Unfortunately it winds up not being as private as they’d like since a giant snake creature soon emerges and attacks them, but such are the dangers of seeking love in the wild.


If you think the Joker is a once in a lifetime character, the Creeper just goes to show how easy it is to create a lunatic. In fact, the Joker is actually the one who is responsible for creating the Creeper, since the Clown Prince pushed the latter into the exact same vat of chemicals that gave us Harley’s most well-known lover. Though in The New Batman Adventures we see how Joker’s antics actually backfire since the Creeper becomes as much of a nuisance to him as the Joker usually is to everyone else.

Though you’d think Harley would like someone as crazy as the Joker, she’s actually extremely put off by him. The Creeper asks for Harley’s number in “Beware the Creeper,” and she winds up dropping a crate on him instead. But that’s not enough to stop him, and he actually has Joker and Harley on the run. By the end of the episode the Joker is so freaked out that he literally begs Batman to arrest him so he can get away from the Creeper. So Harley’s either really loyal to Mister J, or even she has her limits when it comes to weird people.


This is more of a one-sided love affair than anything, but it still shows how wide ranging Harley’s tastes are. In the Injustice comic books Green Arrow is one of the heroes working to fight Superman’s tyranny in the wake of Lois Lane’s death. Oliver initially views Harley as another threat due to her connection with the now deceased Joker, and takes her back to his Arrow Cave. The two quickly wind up bonding, though, and Harley even suggests a better name for Oliver’s hide out would be the Quiver.

Even in this alternate timeline the Green Arrow is still in a relationship with Black Canary, so Harley respects that. But she does later admit to having a bit of a crush on Green Arrow. It shows too, because even after Green Arrow is killed, Harley still returns to the Arrow Cave to commiserate with Black Canary and form an alliance to help stop Superman.


Over the course of the Injustice comics that tie into the video games we see a lot of unlikely alliances form in the wake of Superman becoming a villain. Harley actually winds up sticking with the good guys since Superman killed the Joker early on in his change of allegiance. So Harley wants to help how she can, and wants to recruit any of her friends to the cause. It’s revealed in the comics that she’s actually a bit infatuated with Shazam, and wants to convince him to leave Superman’s cause.

Their dispute over sides leads to a series of fights across the issues, each basically trying to beat the other into seeing their side. There’s enough hints dropped through Harley’s flirtations that she’s actually romantically interested in Shazam. Eventually Harley gets tired of fighting, though, and she gives up on Shazam, riding off on a motorcycle feeling heartbroken. Maybe Shazam would have been better off accepting Harley’s flirtations, though, because in Injustice: Gods Among Us, Superman actually winds up killing him.


If Red Tool looks familiar, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. That’s because Red Tool is actually DC’s parody of Marvel’s Deadpool, which is pretty strange since Deadpool started out as a parody of DC’s Deathstroke. So in a way, DC is making fun of their own character with Red Tool. And since Red Tool basically has the personality of Deadpool, that means his craziness is intense even for Harley Quinn.

Harley first meets Red Tool when he begins stalking her and he decides to abduct her to introduce himself. Red Tool moves extremely fast, so from there he quickly moves on to wanting to marry Harley, even surprising her with a fully set up wedding. Initially Harley just views Red Tool as a nuisance, but she does eventually get used to him enough to view him as a friend. It’s actually surprising they didn’t hit it off better since you’d think someone who could match Harley’s craziness would be right up her alley.


Though Harley has romanced Batman numerous time, it’s not often she shows an interest in Bruce Wayne. You might think there’s no difference, but for Harley there certainly is. As Harley Quinn Valentine’s Special # 1 showed, Harley does not actually know that Bruce and Batman are one and the same. So to her going on a date with Bruce is like going on a date with an entirely different person. And in this story Harley definitely wanted that date, even to the point of being willing to pay over a million dollars for it.

Bruce is auctioning off a date with himself for charity, and a lot of women turn out for it. Having heard of the event in advance, Harley decides she wants that date and proceeds to get the necessary funds through robbery. Harley wins the auction, rescues Bruce from being kidnapped, and then the two of them grab dinner. Despite how different they are, they both seem to enjoy themselves and end the night with a kiss. But when Batman shows up moments after Bruce’s departure, Harley kisses him as well, but admonishes him to take some kissing lessons from his billionaire friend.


Even though everyone thinks of Harley Quinn as being a serious psychiatrist before she got tainted by the Joker, some writers have thrown different interpretations out there. A lot of people have questioned why a trained psychiatrist would so easily fall for a psychopath like the Joker when attempting to treat him, and it turns out the answer to that question might be that Harley isn’t as well-trained as we have been led to believe. One interpretation shows that she went to school, but she may not have gotten an education out of it.

The panel above shows Harley at first stepping into the office of either one of her professors or perhaps even the dean of the school. The next panel shows Harley walking out of the office, her thesis in hand with A + written on it. But in the background you can see her school supervisor with his glasses askew, a dopey look on his face, and hearts surrounding him. The implication is clear: according to this interpretation, Harley earned her degree not through her intelligence, but through “extracurricular activities.”

Can you think of anyone else Harley romanced? Let us know in the comments!

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