Harley Quinn Homages Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns

Written by Sam Humphries and illustrated by John Timms, the panel in question features Batman and Harley Quinn jumping through the air, their wrists bound together by handcuffs. In the full-page panel, Harley takes the place of Carrie Kelley, the female Robin from Miller's run. Harley comments that the two are "the Dynamic Duo," a name for the partnership between Batman and Robin.

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For comparison, here's the iconic image from Miller's comic:

According to the issue's synopsis:

Implicated in a crime she didn’t commit, Harley Quinn must prove her innocence by teaming up with the Caped Crusader himself—Batman! But can the Clown Princess of Crime and the Dark Knight coexist long enough to solve a murder? Or will the two frenemies end up being the death of each other?

Set in a dystopian future, Miller's 1986 comic The Dark Knight Returns is often considered one of the masterworks of the medium.

Harley Quinn #59 by Sam Humphries, Sami Basri and Guillem March hits shelves March 6.

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