Harley Quinn Gets a New Codename as Apokolips' Latest Female Fury


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Harley Quinn #45 by Sam Humphries, John Timms, Gabe Eltaeb and Dave Sharpe, in stores now.

Even when Harley Quinn's not looking for trouble, trouble finds her.

Over the last few years, Harley has been quite busy keeping Coney Island safe with her own brand of vigilante justice. With the help of her Gang of Harleys, she's taken a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders. Now, after countless battles and crazy adventures, Harley decides it's time to take a bit of a vacation and subject her chalk-white skin to a tanning session. However, Harley isn't on the beach more than a few minutes when none other than the Female Furies show up via Boom Tube, looking for Harley, specifically. Why? Even the Furies don't know -- but when Granny Goodness, their cruel and fearless leader, wants Harley on Apokolips, that's what Granny Goodness gets.

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Over Harley's objections, the Furies take her out and bring her to the evil New Gods' home planet, complete with bright red skylines and firepits. There, Harley is recruited to become the newest member of Granny's cruel team -- and that means Harley gets her very own Apokolipsian armor, and a whole new super-identity out.

Move over Harley Quinn, it's time for Hammer Harleen to shine!

Once Harley finds herself on Apokolips, it isn't long before Granny Goodness preys on Harley. She offers her a life without responsibility, a life where no one depends on her and where no one has to look up to her -- she can simply do what she wants, no matter the consequences. Since Harley was already in the mood for a vacation, that, to her, sounds even better than a weekend at the beach. She jumps heads first into the idea, and easily leaps through Granny's test to become her newest recruit.

It's clear Granny has ulterior motives at work here, but we don't yet know what they are. All we know is, as a Female Fury set loose on Apokolips, Harley is free to roam on a planet she had never seen before, bringing her own crazy antics to an even crazier world. Somehow, Harley fits right in, and it's then that we realize how much of a fit she is as a Female Fury. It makes us wonder how come something like this had never happened before.

However, Granny may come to find she has more than she had anticipated with Hammer Harleen. Harley may be insane, sure, but she's developed a a heroic tendency these last few years. She isn't simply the manic court jester anymore -- she's an honest-to-goodness superhero. And while Harley may need a break from her responsibilities, responsibility may not be ready to take a break from her.

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