10 Harley Quinn Quotes That Are Crazy As She Is

Those who are new to the Worlds of DC don’t know that, unlike every other superhero and villain, Harley Quinn hasn’t been around for very long. She made her debut in Batman: The Animated Series n 1992, with her breakout role making her a mainstay in DC media.

After Harley Quinn’s successful big screen appearance in Suicide Squad in 2016, the character has become probably the most popular figure in all of the DC Extended Universe, thanks to her crazy personality making her quite entertaining. In order to illustrate this point further, here are 10 quotes by Harley in her various iterations that prove just how crazy she can get.

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10 "I’m Rubber, You’re Glue, Whatever You Say Bounces Off Me And Makes A Six-Inch-Diameter Exit Wound In You"

The thing about Harley Quinn’s threats are that they take a sudden and dark turn. Even more unsettling is that Harley always starts these off with her usual crazy cheerfulness before her true intention comes out.

For this quote, Harley’s in defense mode as she’s making a comeback over when she feels she’s being made fun of. The result is Harley playing the whole “I’m rubber, you’re glue” routine, which instantly then turns into the very real possibility of her shooting the brains out of her would-be victim. Basically, Harley’s already made up her mind to blast the person’s head into smithereens. Never cross an angered Harley.

9 "Stupid Bats, You're Ruining Date Night!"

You’ll recall Harley and Joker’s joyride through the streets of Gotham in Suicide Squad, an event which ended with Batman apprehending Harley Quinn. Usually, the arrival of Batman strikes fear in the hearts of even the baddest kinds of villains (Deadshot, for example), but Harley instead responded with outright shooting the hood of the car to finish Batman, who was perched on the roof.

Crazily enough, Harley wasn’t concerned so much about Batman taking her in as she was angry about the Bat “ruining date night”. So, for Harley, wreaking havoc in the streets is something she considers a romantic evening.

8 "Maybe I Can Stick You Some Shampoo?"

This took place during an episode of Batman: The Animated Series, where Harley had Poison Ivy in captivity. It’s common knowledge that Poison Ivy has an unhealthy obsession with her plants, and she was freaking out again over being sealed away from her “precious babies”.

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Rather than be even remotely disturbed by this sight, Harley instead surmised Ivy’s situation as a lack of cleanliness, and instead offered her some shampoo to wash her hair; it didn’t even cross her mind that perhaps Ivy was in distress because Harley was keeping her imprisoned. For Harley, having unkempt hair is more pressing a matter than freedom.

7 "Y'know, Bats? I Always Thought There Was A Spark Between Us"

It’s never been made clear whether Harley has some kind of attraction toward Batman. We’ve seen instances before where she’s made moves on the Bat, such as when she kissed him during Suicide Squad, but these have been attempts at catching him off-guard.

She showed the same level of weird attraction toward him in Batman: Arkham Asylum, where she had no fear of the angry Batman moving toward her. On the contrary, Harley took this moment to tell Batman she felt the two had some kind of connection between each other. Being trapped with an angered Batman in close confines seems to be something to relish for Harley.

6 "Angel"

This particular one really stamped in just how insanely obsessed she was over Joker, and his complete control over her psyche. The quote was the very last word spoken in an episode of The New Batman Adventures, where the story had been about Harley trying to please Joker by capturing Batman.

Rather than being appreciative, the Joker instead slapped her straight through the window of the building, sending Harley hurtling several floors below. At the hospital, Harley vowed to never fall under the Joker’s influence, only to completely take a U-turn at this promise when she saw a get-well-soon note from Joker. It took a literal second for her to brand Joker an “angel”.

5 "The Joke's On You, I'm Not Even A Real Blonde"

Harley Quinn’s hair has always been shown to be blonde in every iteration of the character. She’s been known to shade her hair color when she’s in the mood for a certain theme, but blonde has always remained somewhere there. However, according to her in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series, she claimed her natural color was something else.

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When in Batman’s captivity, Harley tried to make light of the situation and claimed Batman underestimated her. Her argument was that Batman only saw her as a dumb blonde, to which she defended herself by claiming she wasn’t even a real blonde. First of all, how does that prove anything? Second, why the heck has she been blonde the whole time if it serves no purpose?

4 "You Really Put The ‘Fun’ In Funeral"

Let’s make this clear: there’s nothing fun about someone passing away. For Harley and the Joker, though, the opportunity to take a life in a “funny” manner means a job very well done. In an episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Joker was on a role with his monologuing, as he kept coming up with more schemes to annoy Batman, which pointed toward a significant body count.

Harley’s initial reaction wasn’t exactly where she seemed excited, before quipping this memorable line and making it known to the viewer that she had the same kind of mindset as the Joker. If you ever do catch Harley at a funeral, you can bet she’ll be doing her usual crazy dance routine.

3 "It's Called 'Animals Attack People I Hate'... It's A Comedy."

Taking a life is one thing, but inflicting pain before taking a life shows how sinister a person really is. This is what separates Joker and Harley Quinn from every other villain as they look to make their victims suffer. When they do finally take their victim’s life, death feels like a sweet release.

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On the occasion of this quote, Harley held hostage a TV crew, to whom she presented her “show”. Naturally, no one was particularly impressed (they were preoccupied with not wanting to die), and an enraged Harley instead presented her second idea for a show, which was to sic Hyenas on the TV crew. What genre did this show belong to according to Harley? That would be a comedy.

2 "Love Your Perfume. What Is That, The Scent Of Death?"

Rick Flag introduced Katana with the intention of striking fear in the hearts of the Suicide Squad, and it worked on everyone seeing as Katana’s blade was supposed to hold the souls of her victims. Except, Harley wasn’t troubled in the slightest by this piece of information, and looked to bond with Katana instead.

Her manner of introducing herself was a straight up extension of her hand and claiming it was nice to meet the person who could trap her soul for eternity. To top it off, Harley even liked the perfume Katana was supposedly wearing as it reminded her of the scent of death. Needless to say, it’s not easy to intimidate Harley, not even with the threat of her soul.

1 "Mama's Gonna Paint The Streets With Blood"

The entire game of Batman: Arkham City had Harley Quinn evade Batman rather than face him head on as she usually does. This was curious to say the least, but the reason behind it was revealed when Batman found pregnancy tests that pointed toward Harley being with child.

After Joker’s death in the end of the game, the credits had Harley singing a kind of lullaby to her supposed unborn child. However, rather than singing something sweet, Harley promised she would paint the streets with blood in honor of the child’s deceased father. What makes this the craziest thing Harley’s said is the fact that it turned out she wasn’t pregnant after all, so she had pretty much convinced herself she was having a baby and then was singing to it.

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