10 Incredible Harley Quinn Cosplays That Would Even Impress Mr. J

Since she first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series back in the ‘90s, Harley Quinn has become not only one of the most beloved characters in the Batman franchise, but in the whole of DC Comics. Formerly Doctor Harleen Quinzel, she was the psychiatrist assigned to the Joker when he was placed in Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane. Their close proximity and her ability to understand his sociopathy laid the groundwork for a surprising romantic relationship, and she would become known as his partner in crime and longtime lover.

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With her infectiously whimsical personality and constantly evolving wardrobe, she makes a natural choice to cosplay. From her classic black, white, and red harlequin bodysuit with jester cowl, to the outfit worn by Margot Robbie when she made her first live action film appearance in Suicide Squad, there are so many aesthetics to choose from. These cosplayers have managed to pull every one of them off with the same pizzazz as Harley herself.

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No one can deny that Harley Quinn has a flair for the theatrical. Cosplayer Ryoko-demon captures her whimsical nature with this unique take on one of the most popular villains in Batman’s Rogue Gallery. Based on fellow Deviantart artist NoFlutter’s drawing of The Joker’s famous girlfriend, this Harley Quinn cosplay is strikingly original.

From the striped bustle and matching spats, to the two-toned corset and matching shrug, fun details abound, including the tiny striped top hat with a skull on it, as well as the nod to steampunk with the goggles. Finishing touches include big highly stylized platinum hair, and a gigantic mallet inscribed with the Joker and Harley’s initials.


Harley Quinn has had many changes to her aesthetic over the years, but no ensemble is more memorable than her classic red and black harlequin bodysuit. Cosplayer ItsKaylaErin has beautifully rendered a classic Harley look, complete with blonde hair in pigtails and pale white makeup.

Beyond the suit, which is a shiny synthetic material, she has every detail accurate, down to Harley’s mismatched gloves. Though she doesn’t have her classic jester cowl on, she does have the white blossom bib and white cuffs that Harley always wore in Batman: The Animated Series where she first premiered.


Though Suicide Squad was a divisive movie and not altogether well-received by fans of the DC characters, it’s hard to dispute that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn wasn’t its biggest bright spot. Cosplayer Kinpatsu commits to a cinema-quality replica of Harley’s ensemble from the film, right down to the baseball bat.

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Not only does she have the metallic red and blue jacket and shirt that reads “Daddy’s Li’l Monster”, she also has the platinum hair in pigtails with the ends dyed blue and red. The only thing that can’t be seen is whether or not she’s wearing the collar that says “Puddin” on it from the film, but beyond that she looks exactly like her film counterpart.


An improvised take on Harley Quinn mixed with a little Deadpool, this cosplayer has taken elements from how Harley has been imagined for the New 52- era storylines and combined them with elements from Batman: The Telltale Series as well as the Injustice series. Harley is seen in some version of a red and black color scheme in all those variations, but with differing hair, makeup, and matching accessories.

The corset-like bodice is similar to concepts from the Injustice series, while the makeup (especially the diamond shapes around the eyes) is more reminiscent of Batman: The Telltale Series. She wields two pistols instead of a mallet (as in other cosplays), and appears to be wearing high heels and stockings.


When Harley was featured in Batman: The Animated Series, she was The Joker’s longtime lover, and often suffered for it by refusing to acknowledge how poorly he treated her. Apart from the Joker’s influence, Harley is capable of doing good, as seen in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2.

This cosplayer has faithful recreated Harley’s ensemble from those storylines, with a few changes (Harley has pants). The dark, two-toned hair is in keeping with the comics, though Harley wasn’t inclined to carry her giant mallet. Still, it adds whimsy to a character whose arc became one of a trauma survivor finding redemption after the death of their abuser.


One of the most popular video games in recent years, Arkham Knight is the fourth installment in the Arkham Asylum video game series, and the successor to Batman: Arkham Origins. It follows Batman’s attempt to stop Scarecrow from taking over Gotham City, while other members of his Rogue Gallery (such as Harley Quinn) appear at various points.

The Arkham games have given Harley some pretty outrageous departures from her regular look, and this cosplayer has done an excellent job recreating the games’ version of Harley. As in other iterations, Harley is seen wearing a lot of leather accessories in her iconic black and red colors, this time with the inclusion of white. The candy cane baseball bat is a nice touch.


When Harley Quinn made her first appearance on Batman: The Animated Series, no one could have predicted how wildly popular the character would become. She had the distinction of being the only character made canon from a Batman cartoon that hadn’t already appeared in the comics. She always wore a black and red harlequin bodysuit with a jester cowl.

Artist Fra Gatsu has created this amazing full prosthetic to be worn over the head along with a matching bodysuit. Everything is made from latex and rubber to fit the head of the wearer, and then painted with a variety of acrylic paints. The end result is an amazing likeness to Harley’s original incarnation.


Some fans of Harley Quinn haven’t been excited about the changes made in her wardrobe for her New 52/Batman Rebirth incarnation. While elements have remained the same (such as the ruffled collar, or carrying a mallet), others are very different (her hair is purple and red, she sometimes wears a cape, and her clothes are much more revealing).

This cosplayer exhibits painstaking attention to detail with the outfit she’s created to resemble the New 52 Harley Quinn, which makes Harley as theatrical as ever even if her ensemble doesn’t exactly telegraph “harlequin” all the time. Harley went from being a violent sociopath in the Suicide Squad to rescuing stray animals, so a new set of duds reflected her character change.


The Batman: Arkham Asylum game revitalized Harley Quinn by giving her a complete makeover. She was introduced to a whole new audience without her usual black and red harlequin bodysuit, jester cowl, and little white ruffled cuffs. Her outfit combines leather accessories with elements of a nursing outfit, considering when Batman first encounters her it’s because the inmates have taken over Arkham Asylum at the Joker’s behest.

This cosplayer has faithfully recreated the in-game outfit that Harley is most often seen in, right down to the buckled corset and red, white, and purple color scheme. To complete the look Harley wears her hair in pigtails and has a half mask.


One of the biggest changes to Harley Quinn came about in the Batman: Arkham series of video games when she no longer wore her signature jester cowl. Her hair was now worn free but in pigtails, the end of one dyed blue and the other pink. This hairstyle was also featured in the film version of Harley in Suicide Squad.

This cosplayer has faithfully recreated the black and red leather outfit Harley sports in Batman Arkham City, complete with a baseball bat. In the game, however, Harley preferred actual firepower, sometimes getting her hands on a bazooka.

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