Harley Quinn Cosplayer Gives Margot Robbie a Run for Her Money

Harley Quinn Cosplay

If there's one thing that actress Margot Robbie nailed in her "Suicide Squad" performance, it was aptly emulating the look and attitude of Harley Quinn for the big screen. Never before had audiences seen the role adapted so well in a live-action context -- until now. It seems that a Harley Quinn challenger has appeared in the form of one of her fellow Australians.

Instagram user "infamous_harley_quinn" -- whose real name, according to BuzzFeed Australia, is Laura -- has the look down just as well as the big screen star:

She's got the outfit, the baseball bat, the crazy pigtails and even the psychotic grin down to a science. The amount of time and effort that must've gone into perfecting this look is staggering to think about. From her comments, it's revealed that this is her first cosplay attempt, and that she's still in the stages of fine-tuning it by refining her makeup and hairstyling techniques. She's even shared a few photos of her appearance without the elaborate getup:

Laura has gained a good deal of attention and positive support. She plans on launching a YouTube channel to further her cosplay efforts in the near future.

As for Margot Robbie, the actress will likely remain the Warner Brothers' go-to for any future releases featuring Harley Quinn. She's also got a few other projects in the works, and is set to appear in "Terminal" alongside Max Irons, Simon Pegg and Mike Meyers sometime in 2017.

(via The Wrap)

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