Harley Quinn Co-Creator Bruce Timm Weighs In On "Suicide Squad" Version

After director David Ayer revealed the first cast photo for "Suicide Squad," his upcoming villain team-up movie, plenty of opinions about each characters' look flooded onto social media. Of particular note was Margot Robbie's version of Harley Quinn, a character who has enjoyed a steadily increasing profile since her debut on "Batman: The Animated Series" in 1992. In an interview with Polygon, Harley Quinn co-creator Bruce Timm revealed his opinion of the character's feature film makeover, which finds Harley ditching her classic jester-inspired look for a more street-level getup.

"It's interesting," said Timm. "It's weird. Myself -- being somebody who's taken characters that pre-exist and putting my own spin on them in my own little universe -- I'm very aware of how when a character that I necessarily created shows up in other media that they have to adapt it and do different things with it than I would do. So I'm very open to it to see what they're going to do. I'm actually really excited. I just today, just before the show started, saw the first image of Harley Quinn from the 'Suicide Squad' movie, and I thought 'Woah. She looks actually pretty cute!' I was actually kind of worried I thought 'Oh, she's going to look really, really bizarre and skanky' but nah, she's not too bad. So I'm often mistaken."

The new version of Harley Quinn sports a red and blue color scheme as opposed to red and black, but she does wear a nod to her early days as a cartoon villain; her choker bears the word "Puddin'" on it, which was Quinn's pet name for Joker on the animated series. Robbie has been spotted on the "Suicide Squad" set all this week, leading to a number of candid photos appearing on entertainment sites.

"Suicide Squad" opens on August 5, 2016.

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