Harley Quinn Invades Classic DC Covers for Batman Day


Outta the way, Bats! DC's annual Batman Day celebration is getting a make over by the one and only Harley Quinn this year, in honor of her 25th anniversary.

The celebration will include seeing Harley drawn into some classic Batman covers. Artist Ryan Sook has been tasked with adding her into Jim Lee's famously brooding #608, as well as the iconic lightning-strike The Dark Knight Returns cover. Both will be included as part of a Harley takeover-centric poster offered to retailers for display in their store.

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In addition to her co-opted covers, Harley will star in an original three page story in Batman Day 2017 Special #1 written by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Bret Blevins. The special will otherwise re-print the first chapter of Rebirth Batman's "I Am Bane."

But wait, there's more. Harley is also getting her very own special issue, Harley Quinn Batman Day 2017 Special #1, which will reprint the first chapter of Connor, Palmiotti and Bruce Timm's Joker Loves Harley Quinn graphic novel.

The month of September will also feature a "countdown" to Harley's Batman Day, with special signings from Harley-related talent, promotions from retailers like Hot Topic and Build A Bear Workshop, and Harley-centric digital comics sales.

Batman -- er -- Harley Quinn Day arrives September 23.

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