Harley Quinn, Catwoman Rev Their Engines for Tonner's Gotham Garage Dolls

What happens when the world of high-end dolls crashes into motorcycle-riding comic characters? You get Tonner Doll's Gotham City Garage line, of course! And the new series of DC Stars dolls kicks off with two of Gotham's most famous ladies: Catwoman and Harley Quinn.

Gotham City Garage actually started as a line of statues over at DC Collectibles, kicking off with a very popular Catwoman. Since then, the company has revealed additional entries, including Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. Tonner's take clearly comes right from the source material statues, right down to the tattoos.

Both high-end dolls cost $190.00 and are available for purchase right now. They come from the same 16-inch Fit base body, feature hand-painted elements on the face and appropriately themed helmets and outfits.

This marks the second instance of Tonner taking cues from DCC designs. The company also continues to produce a line of dolls based on the DC Bombshells line.

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