Crisis on Infinite Twerks: Harley Quinn's Butt Boop Saves the DC Multiverse

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Harley Quinn #67, by Sam Humphries, Sam Basri, HI-FI, and Dave Sharpe, on sale now.

Harley Quinn has been through some absolutely bonkers, meta adventures over the last few years, but her latest escapade might top all of them in ridiculousness. In Harley Quinn #67, the titular character (paired with a confused Booster Gold) time travels through DC's past to stop crossover events by altering lore in a very silly way -- even by her standards. In one instance especially, she swings her mallet, boops a butt and somehow saves the universe.

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Writer Sam Humphries has a lot of fun poking fun at DC's crossover past. As Harley puts it, she's got "event fatigue," while opening the book and chiding the "Year of the Villain" crossover titles. Her goal? To stop events once and for all. Using a comic book within a comic book as a storytelling device, Booster and Harley end up in 2008's Final Crisis by Grant Morrisson, J.G. Jones and Marco Rudy. Quinn openly opines about crossovers in general, saying events have "like eleventy billion issues crossin' over and ya go read em all ta get the whole story," calls the anti-life equation an "anime life contradiction," and straight-up tells Batman that Darkseid "kills yer ass," before departing to 1986.

Once Harley and Booster end up in the Crisis on Infinite Earths event timeline by Marv Wolfman, George Perez and Jerry Ordway, she immediately puts her plan into action. She's keen on whacking Dr. Light -- who's in the process of redirecting the energy of the sun at the Anti-Monitor -- in the head with her mallet. Booster stops her mid-swing, telling her that stories, stakes and victory is what makes crossover events special. Harley being Harley grabs her mallet and smacks Dr. Light with a "butt boop" instead, as Anti-Monitor is hit by the energy charge. The boop inspires Dr. Light who says "now with that butt boop -- I can focus the energy blast on the Anti-Monitor. Just like in the comic it's referencing, the light beam hits the villain and Alexander Luthor summons the remaining heroes.

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Harley's done some absolutely brutal things with her trusty mallet, but going back in time to "butt boop" Doctor Light to recreate/reimagine one of the most iconic moments in DC event history takes the cake as the most hilariously absurd thing she's ever done. It totally fits the current tone of the character and is legitimately funny and weird.

Quinn enthusiastically calls for all "do-gooders" to unite against darkness and "inspire generations" to have an event of their own every year. The final panel of the comic-inside-a-comic features members of the Justice League sitting around a table celebrating Thanksgiving. Quinn wishes them a happy holiday and proudly says, "Let's eat."

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Humphries deserves credit for making an absolutely insane premise work, and in fact makes a strong case for a "Harley Quinn Destroys the DC Universe" title. He manages to slyly critique event books, while also praising what they can be. Crazy, unexplainable MacGuffins appear all the time in those stories; but in this case, a "butt boop" was all that was needed to give Dr. Light the boost she needed. Who knew?

Thankfully for Booster (surprisingly the voice of reason here) and Harley, unlike the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, it doesn't end with the deaths of key characters like The Flash or Supergirl. There's no reboot here, either. Instead, like most event series themselves, its story concludes with the heroes being brought together.

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