Humphries Declares Hammer Time for Harley Quinn as Apokolips' New Fury

Harley Quinn has traveled all over the DC Universe, from the mean streets of Gotham City to outer space as a member of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad, and most recently in the weekly Justice League: No Justice miniseries. However, one locale she hasn't visited is Jack Kirby's Fourth World... until now.

Beginning with this week's Harley Quinn #45, in stores on July 4, incoming writer Sam Humphries will team with John Timms to enroll Harley in the Female Furies of Apokolips. CBR spoke with Humphries to find out why Granny Goodness comes calling for the Clown Princess of Crime, some challenges he faced while writing the character, and plans to incorporate Harley into the larger DC Universe.

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CBR: Sam, how did you land the gig as the new writer of Harley Quinn? Was it something DC asked you to pitch for, or did you go to the company with ideas for where to take Harley in her solo series?

Sam Humphries: Dan DiDio and I had lunch and, on the walk, over he kept saying things like, "You probably already know what we're going to talk about." Well, dear reader, I had no clue. I was shocked. He offered me the gig, and I thought about it for all of five seconds.

Art from Harley Quinn #45 by John Timms and Gabe Eltaeb

Fans have become accustomed to seeing Harley Quinn in wild adventures in her solo series, along with her time as a member of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad. But taking Harley to Apokolips might be one of the more "outside the box" ideas in recent memory. How did you come to the decision to send Harley Quinn to Apokolips?

I wanted to kick off the run with a big statement. We're bringing Harley closer to the core of the DCU. There are few things more core and foundational than Apokolips. Plus I knew Harley would eventually hit the wrong person with a hammer there, and then we'd have a story.

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Granny Goodness comes into the picture when she offers Harley a spot in the Female Furies. What is it about the Furies that appeals to Harley, and can you offer some clues as to the type of powers she's promised?

Harley is promised she can be Queen Wild Card on Planet Bad Ass. A vacation of mayhem and destruction on a Hell World with zero consequences. This is Harley's dream come true!

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