10 Reasons Why Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Are A DC Power Couple

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy weren’t considered iconic in the DC Universe as a couple until recently because they weren’t confirmed as a couple until then. There was a lot of speculation, with the two being very flirtatious and some obvious tension, but when it was finally confirmed — people rejoiced. And it’s kind of easy to see why.

Unlike some of the other couples in the DC Universe (*cough, cough* Harley and the Joker *cough, cough*), this relationship actually has a much more healthy dynamic. As much as you’ll see people claim Harley and the Joker are #CoupleGoals, this is a much better example of two people with all the makings of a power couple.

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10. They Actually Treat Each Other Well

The reason they’re so iconic as a power couple is because they actually treat each other well. It’s as simple as that. Ivy and Harley actually seem to care about each other. When it comes to certain other couples, both ships that have involved one of these characters and ships that are nothing to do with them; there can sometimes be a very toxic element. The only toxic element in this relationship is Ivy’s biology, other than that, they actually seem to care about each other and treat each other well.

For a power couple to be a true power couple, they need to be a great team.

9. They Provide Important Representation

Ivy and Harley also provide some important representation in the DC Universe. Since the comics have been around so long, most of the confirmed couples are a man and a woman; two heterosexual people in a pretty normal relationship or flirtationship.

Therefore, it was about time that Harley and Ivy were confirmed to be something. Both seemingly canonically bisexual or pansexual—since they’ve each demonstrated interest towards men too—they’ve found happiness in each other. It’s a beautiful ship to watch blossom. Some much needed LGBT+ representation and better still, it’s healthy representation.

It’s a great example of a two-woman power couple for that reason alone!

8. Ivy Is A Great Influence On Harley

Harley can be kind of a handful as a person. Clearly displaying signs of many personality disorders and completely messed up after what the Joker did to her, she’s not very stable. She has erratic mood swings and, worse than that, she seems to keep going back to the Joker who is clearly bad for her. (This is an understatement, to be honest.)

Ivy is a rational, logical person who seems to be a good influence on Harley. She may even distract her from that toxic aspect of her life that involves the Joker. She’s showing her what an example of a good relationship is, and opening her eyes to the fact that there is someone out there who’ll treat her right.

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7. Ivy Also Made Her Immune To Toxins

Ivy isn’t shown to care about too many people, so Harley is a great exception to that rule. Ivy cares so much that she was even willing to inject her girlfriend with the same chemical that makes her immune to toxins, giving Harley a new superpower. She does this after displaying clear disgust at how the Joker treats Harley, showing that she actually wants to build the other woman up. She has no intention of abusing her the same way that her other partner has.

Can we talk about just how utterly supportive two villains can be of each other? This is pretty much the definition of a power couple: two powerful beings just building each other up.

6. Harley Can Be A Great Influence On Ivy Too

Although a lot of their relationship seems to demonstrate Ivy pulling Harley out of a hole and teaching her things, there’s always some give-and-take in a healthy relationship. In this instance, Harley seems to be teaching Ivy some good things too. At one point, she actually convinces Ivy not to destroy Batman! Although her reasoning is up for debate, one good explanation is that she wanted Ivy to show some compassion. She wanted to teach her to feel things, not to be so cold and ruthless all the time.

And, okay, Harley probably didn’t want the fun with Batman to end too, but there was definitely an element of caring about Ivy in there. Harley’s nature might be a little too care-free at times, but there are some aspects of that that Ivy can learn from, too.

5. They Once Took Down Bruce Wayne Together

They’re undoubtedly powerful in their own right and together, they once even managed to take down Bruce Wayne. It takes a pretty powerful villain to do that, considering how long the Joker and Batman have been chasing each other, but they managed it together. They chained him to an old table after he’s caught by one of Ivy’s plants and dump him in chemical waste — yikes!

I have no doubt that if they put their mind to it, they could take down Batman and the Joker together. Sure, they’re not portrayed as the main characters of the Batman universe like those guys are, but they should not be underestimated.

4. They Could Have Had Anyone But Chose Each Other

The pretty amazing thing about these two is that they could pretty much have anyone they wanted; if they wanted them badly enough. Both of them are beautiful women and sure, they have their flaws (such as being villains, etc.), but it’s pretty obvious that neither of them would be lacking for choice if they wanted it.

But what they do want is each other, despite all the options offered, and that’s a pretty awesome thing about this power couple. They’re not with each other because it’s an easy option, or because they’re desperate, but because they actually want to be.

3. ...And Are Secure Enough To Be Polyamorous

Via: DC Comics

Harley and Ivy are never stated to be poly in so many words in the comics themselves, but it seems that they are. They flirt a ton and have often implied relationships with other people. Regardless, it’s never a fight between them. And that’s kind of awesome. Open relationships or polyamorous relationships take an extreme amount of trust, and there never seems to be jealousy between these two. On the contrary, whenever there is an argument about another partner, it’s usually because Harley is being treated badly by the Joker. Not because either of them is jealous.

It’s also another good part of the representation of different kinds of relationships.

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2. They Aren’t Afraid To Have Their Sweet Moments

Although most of the comics involving these two are action-based fights, going after Batman, or dealing with the Joker, there are a few sincerely sweet moments between them. Because of this, it's awesome DC confirmed them as a couple instead of stringing us along. Power couples aren’t all about tearing other people down — and don’t mistake a toxic relationship for a power couple. These two actually care about each other. In my opinion, that’s pretty much what makes them such a strong team. They’re powered by love and loyalty when they fight together, rather than fighting with each other. I live for those behind the scenes moments where they’re just being adorable together.

1. They Are Utterly Unstoppable Together

Perhaps the most obvious thing that makes these two a great power couple is just how unstoppable they are together. Even separately, they’re pretty formidable. I wouldn’t want to go up against Ivy or Harley, both of whom have taken down some pretty powerful people on their own. But together? This is a team who’ve cornered Batman, the Joker, and other legendary figures in the Batman universe. It seems like you’d need to be pretty brave (or pretty stupid) to take them on in a fight together. That's pretty much what makes them both wonderful and terrifying at the same time. 

They’re the best couple in the DC Universe. Fight me!

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