Harley Quinn's New Hammer Is Actually a [REDACTED]

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Harley Quinn #45 by Sam Humphries, John Timms, Gabe Eltaeb and Dave Sharpe, in stores now.

Harley Quinn #45 is a bit of a new beginning for one Harleen Quinzel. With a new creative team jumping onboard the series, Harley takes a break from her home of Coney Island and her responsibilities on a little vacation on the other side of the cosmos. After being forcibly taken by the Female Furies to Apokolips, Harley receives an official offer courtesy of Granny Goodness: Join her team of all-female, all-murderous warriors... or else. Naturally, the craziness of a planet filled with Parademons and fire pits is exactly what Harley had in mind for a vacation, so she accepts the offer posthaste.

But before she can officially become a Female Fury, Harley has to go through a test; she must defeat Darkseid's most ruthless Parademons in order to claim a powerful new weapon hidden at the center of a giant snarl. In a stunning display of prowess and strength, Harley defeats her foes and grabs the handle of her new hammer. But this is no mere Apokoliptian weapon -- Harley has just come into possession of a Mother Box.

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At first glance, Harley's new weapon simply looks like a massive hammer. It's got the Kirby-esqe design, it's appropriately menacing, and it's got the obligatory energy signatures. Harley uses her hammer to get into all sorts of trouble all over the planet, where she fights the Deep Six, rides Warhounds and takes part in cage fights. But while this hammer allows her to stand toe-to-toe with Apokolips' mightiest warriors, it also enables her to fly. What's more, it gives off the familiar "ping ping" sound that is a signature of the Mother Boxes.

Harley Quinn Apokolips hammer Mother Box

In the Fourth World, Mother Boxes are super-computers that grant all manner of great power to its wielders. They can be used for various purposes, and some might even suggest that the real, raw power of the Mother Boxes have not been fully revealed yet. These are tools and weapons that only the New Gods possess, with the sole exception of the Justice League's Cyborg, who has a Mother Box fused inside of him. However, it now appears as if Cyborg is not the only DC superhero to possess a Mother Box.

Harley Quinn may have just become a Female Fury, but even Granny Goodness is bound to discover that Harley isn't exactly one to follow orders -- especially the orders that will come from an evil New God. Harley may have started her career as a villain, but she's a hero now, and no amount of vacation, no matter how long or fulfilling, will change that. With a Mother Box in Harley's hammer, Granny Goodness may have created an incredibly powerful enemy -- an enemy that is currently free to roam Apokolips with a smile on her face.

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