"Hard-Boiled Comic"s #2 "Certified Cool" By Diamond Previews!

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA - Hard-Boiled Comics #2 has been selected as a "Certified Cool" title in the October 2006 edition of Diamond Previews.   Upon opening the catalog and discovering this, Hard-Boiled Comics Creator/Writer "Bald" Steve Earnhart commented, "To be honored in this manner is an extraordinarily humbling feeling indeed, especially given the pedigree on display in Previews each month.   Thank you so very much, Diamond, and believe me when we I ya: You ain't seen nothin' yet!"  

Hard-Boiled Comics #2 is available for order through the October 2006 edition of Diamond Previews with the order code OCT063441 and features artwork by new series artist Rudolf Montemayor, who resides in the Philippines.   As a reader and retailer incentive, 1 in every 15 shipped will be our Black as Noir Variant Edition , featuring an entirely different artistic take by Argentina's Ulises Carpintero ( Black Heart Irregulars ) and a fresh edit of the script by Bald Steve. Flip to page 285 for solicit and ordering info.   Ask for it at your Local Comics Shop today!

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