Harbinger Wars 2 Creative Team, Release Date Revealed


Valiant has been teasing its next major event since 2016, and while it's still about a year away, the publisher today released the first teasers for Harbinger Wars 2.

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Illustrated by Tomas Giorello, the pair of teasers depict XO-Manowar battling Harbinger's own Peter Stanchek, and Livewire doing her level best to destroy Bloodshot.

Livewire vs Bloodshot, by Harbinger Wars 2 artist Tomas Giorello

In addition to the artwork, Valiant has revealed the event's debut date and creative team; Harbinger Wars 2 kicks off May 2018 and will be co-written by longtime Valiant scribe Matt Kindt along with Academy Award nominee Eric Heisserer, who will make his comics debut later this month with Valiant's Secret Weapons title. The story will be illustrated by Giorello and Secret Weapons artist Raul Allen.

Story details remain thin at this point, though we can glean that XO-Manowar will have brought his exile form Earth to an end by the time it kicks off, though why he's decided to take out his frustrations on Stanchek remain to be seen. It's also safe to guess that Heisserer and Allen's Secret Weapons will lead directly into Harbinger Wars 2, considering Livewire is slated to be a major player in the new series.

XO-Manowar vs Harbinger's Pater Stanchek, by Harbinger Wars 2 artist Tomas Giorello
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