Happy Holidays from Robot 6

With the holiday weekend upon us, we're winding down here at Robot 6 to go spend time with family and friends. Before heading off to stuff our stockings and trim this trees, though, you’ll find a collection of holiday-themed links after the jump.

On behalf of all of Robot 6, have a great holiday and stay safe. We’ll see you next week.

(Above: Chris Samnee says happy holidays, Thor style).

Christmas cards | Dean Haspiel wishes you a Merry Christmas. As does Jamaica Dyer. And Faith Erin Hicks. And Chris Ryall shares a whole bunch of cards from various artists.

Webcomics | We've all experienced a year when Kenny Loggins ruined Christmas.

Webcomics | Kate Beaton shares a Christmas Eve memory.

Holiday classics | Read all of P. Craig Russell's adaptation of The Gift of the Magi over on The Art of P. Craig Russell site.

Nightmare style | Dan Hipp shares a holiday-themed illustration.

Festive wallpaper | Chris Giarrusso shares some Marvel holiday-themed desktop wallpaper. (Via)

Never too late to give | John Kovaleski's nephew was diagnosed with leukemia this Fall, so he's offering $2 off until Dec. 31 on all Bo Nanas books, with the proceeds going to defray expenses. Details here.

Webcomics | Brian Fies presents "A Visit from an Arch-Nemesis, by the Cosmic Kid."

Holiday art | Comics Should Be Good! has a lot of fun holiday art this week for their The Line It Is Drawn feature.

Better than fruitcake | Jeff Lemire shows off the artwork he gave American Vampire scribe Scott Snyder for Christmas.

And if you're still bored this weekend | If you find yourself bored this weekend and in need of something to do, why not stop by the CBR Forums? Join the discussion in one of the largest comics communities on the Web. A great place to start is the Community Forum. And don't forget CBR's other blogs, Spinoff and Comics Should Be Good!, or the fact that you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Happy holidays!

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