Happy Father's Day: 29 Marvel/DC Super-Dads

Father's Day -- a day to celebrate, well, fathers. Today is a day to celebrate the father, fathers and/or father figure(s) in your life that guided you through tough times, taught you valuable lessons and -- if we can indulge in a classic sitcom-esque stereotype -- probably told you to turn various loud electronic devices down. The same goes for the dads of the DC and Marvel universes -- although some father/child relationships are admittedly better than others.

Superhero comics being superhero comics, there are dads that have been resurrected, children that have been resurrected, long lost fathers, long lost daughters, secret children, evil children, evil fathers, time-displaced sons, half-alien sons, and yes, every now and then there's just a regular ol' human dad too. To celebrate this year's day of dads, we've gathered 29 pics of the many dads featured in the Marvel and DC universes along with their kids.

1. Ant-Man and his daughter Stature

2. Jonathan Kent and his son Superman

3. Luke Cage and his daughter Danielle (with Jessica Jones)

4. Thomas Wayne and his son Bruce (with Martha Wayne)

5. Magneto and his daughter Polaris

6. Ra's al Ghul and his daughter Talia al Ghul

7. Mr. Fantastic and his children Franklin and Valeria Richards

8. Jim Gordon and his daughter Batgirl

9. Mr. Hyde and his daughter Quake

10. Green Arrow and his son Connor Hawke

11. Nick Fury and his son Marcus Johnson

12. Animal Man and his children Maxine and Cliff Baker (with Ellen Baker)

13. Norman Osborn and his son Harry

14. Arsenal and his daughter Lian Harper

15. Odin and his sons Thor and Loki

16. Aquaman and his son Aquababy (with Mera)

17. Professor X and his son Legion

18. Batman and his son Damian Wayne

19. Wolverine and his son Daken

20. Batman (Earth-2) and his daughter Huntress (Earth-2)

21. Corsair and his son Cyclops

22. Crispus Allen and his sons Jake and Malcolm

23. Cyclops and his son Cable

24. Darkseid and his son Orion

25. Drax and his daughter Moondragon

26. Flash and his children Iris and Jai West

27. Hulk and his son Skaar

28. General "Thunderbolt" Ross and his daughter Red She-Hulk

29. Azazel and his son Nightcrawler

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