Happy birthday, Snoopy

To celebrate Snoopy's birthday (and promote the upcoming animated feature), the producers of The Peanuts Movie have released a video in which director Steve Martino shows us out to draw everyone's favorite beagle.

Why Aug. 10, when the character's first appearance was on Oct. 4, 1950? It dates back to a 1968 Peanuts storyline by Charles M. Schulz, in which Snoopy is awakened by Linus in the middle of the night for a "secret mission" that turns out to be a surprise party. Peanuts.com re-ran that series just last week.

So, just how old is Snoopy? If we go by his 1950 debut, 273 dog years. If we go by the estimated number of candles on his birthday cake in 1968 -- as few as five, as many as seven, depending how much you squint -- he's, well, still really, really old. Let's just go with "timeless."

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