Happy birthday, Norm Breyfogle

Veteran Batman artist Norm Breyfogle turns 55 years old today, which is the perfect opportunity to remind his fans of the fundraiser to help pay for his care and rehabilitation. With two days remaining in the campaign, the effort has generated nearly $98,000 -- not quite half of its $200,000 goal.

Breyfogle suffered a stroke in December that left the left-handed artist paralyzed on his left side. With no medical insurance and his savings eaten away by hospital stay, he and his family turned t crowdfunding to help pay for his months of care and physical therapy at a nursing home.

As the artist revealed earlier this month, he's already making significant headway in his recovery. "I'm walking further and better everyday," he said in a Feb. 12 Facebook update. "I'm getting more and more control over my left arm and hand everyday, and I'm practically expecting a full recovery eventually; likely by spring or summer. However, my comics drawing career is probably over for quite a while, maybe forever. I'll probably be still appearing at comics conventions, and eventually doing commissions again."

We wish Breyfogle a speedy recovery, and a very happy birthday.

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