Happy Avengers Day!

In honor of the release of today's Avengers #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr., Marvel is designating today, May 19th, as Avengers Day, an actual Marvel holiday which was first celebrated in Avengers #45, which you can see below, along with a link to a cool list of the Best Avengers Stories Ever (as determined by blog pal, Scott Harris)!


First off, here's the original Avengers Day, courtesy of Roy Thomas and Don Heck...

and after they defeat the Super-Adaptoid...

And now, here is a link to the Vault's Scott Harris' list of the 25 Greatest Avengers Stories Ever!

Be forewarned, Scott is very much an "old school" Avengers fan, so his list of the 25 greatest stories is informed by that - so feel free to go over to his blog and argue for Brian Michael Bendis' greatness!

Happy Avengers Day, everyone!

I'll try to rustle up an Avengers #1 review for later tonight!

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