Happy 70th Birthday, Superman!!

I thought the Leap Day festivities were over, but many a reader pointed out to me that this is also (as decreed by E. Nelson Bridwell, years ago) officially, Superman's birthday!! And it just so happens that Superman was introduced in 1938, so this would be his 70th Birthday!!


In honor of Superman's birthday, let me ask you all a few questions:

1. What is your first memory involving Superman?

2. What was the first Superman comic book you read?

3. What is your FAVORITE Superman story, whether it be comic, movie, TV series or cartoon?

4. When you think of Superman, which artist's take on him do you normally see in your head? Shuster? Boring? Plastino? Swan? Adams? Byrne? Jurgens?

5. Which of the actors who have played Superman did you like the best as Superman?

Cake courtesy of Vicious Delicious (you can order it for yourself here)!

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