Hans Zimmer Complained The Dark Knight's Music Was 'Too Loud'


Popular composer Hans Zimmer has revealed that he complained to director Christopher Nolan that the score of his critically-acclaimed and commercially successful The Dark Knight was simply too loud.

Zimmer, a frequent collaborator with Nolan, felt that this was especially the case in the movie's finale, which saw Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) narrating about Batman (Christian Bale) as the Caped Crusader went on the lam after taking the fall for the death of Harvey Dent/Two Face (Aaron Eckhart).

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“I told Chris the music was too loud -- you couldn’t hear the lines," Zimmer told Vanity Fair. "He said, ‘I wrote them. I can do what I want.’ He was right; people do remember the lines. He could have done 200 different cop-out endings, but he put that ending on. It’s hard to pull off a satisfying ending, if you’re that ambiguous. One second longer, or one sentence or note different, and it would have been a different movie."

Zimmer also felt that a loud score would detract from the epic performances of Bale and Heath Ledger throughout the movie. However, those concerns ultimately didn't matter too much, as Ledger went on to posthumously win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the Joker and fans still remember many of the quotable lines delivered in what's often considered one of the best DC adaptations ever.

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