'Hannibal' Producers Are in Talks With Amazon, Netflix

Showrunner Bryan Fuller has confirmed talks are under with Amazon and Netflix following NBC's cancellation of "Hannibal" earlier this week.

“I know there have been discussions on a couple of fronts with Netflix and Amazon,” he told Variety. “But I believe our deal with Amazon precludes a Netflix component so I think Netflix, who has expressed interest and has expressed great enthusiasm for the show… I don’t think contractually with our Amazon contract, they can pick up the show.”

Amazon already holds the rights to the first three seasons of the psychological thriller (the third concludes in August), which would seem to make it a prime location to resurrect the series. However, Variety notes that without NBC involvement, funding from "Hannibal's" European partners (namely, Gaumont International Television) becomes a problem.

Asked by The Hollywood Reporter whether he'd prefer to see "Hannibal" land on a cable channel or streaming site, Fuller replied, "I see the benefits of both, but I do love the idea of continuing on with our partners at Amazon. But we’re at a dance and we want to be asked out on the floor. All suitors are welcome."

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