'Hannibal' Producers and Fans Launch Efforts to Save Canceled Series

The producers and fans of "Hannibal" aren't prepared to give up the ghost just yet.

No sooner did NBC announce the cancellation of the psychological thriller on Monday than a #SaveHannibal campaign launched on Twitter, stoked by co-producer De Laurentiis Co. A Change.org petition urging the network to renew the series for a fourth season has garnered 20,000 supporters.

Entertainment Weekly reports that showrunner Bryan Fuller and studio Gaumont International Television have said "all options" are being explored in the wake of the cancellation, but they haven't offered any specifics. Variety contends that, as you might expect, De Laurentiis and Gaumont are shopping "Hannibal" to new buyers, ranging from cable channels to streaming services.

Variety adds what can either be viewed as salt to the wound or fuel to fire up fan campaigns: Plans for the fourth season reportedly called for the introduction of Clarice Starling, the young FBI agent played by Jodie Foster in 1991's "The Silence of the Lambs."

The third and, at least for now, final season of "Hannibal" concludes Aug. 27.

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