Hang in there, please!

Everyone get their San Diego Comic Con hotel room this morning?

At one point this morning, I had a hotel room -- a double at the Westin Gaslamp. I entered my credit card information, then checked the little boxes saying I was ok with the cancellation policy. Then I waited for about 15 minutes while it tried to confirm my reservation, then I received a screen telling me there was some sort of data error and my reservation was NOT saved.

Now I'm in line again, I guess, as the above screen keeps loading and reloading. Maybe this is a good year to simply take a hiatus from the con.

Update: 10:52 a.m. Pacific, and I was finally able to get back in. And I was able to pull up the chart that shows what's still available, which is very slim indeed. If you were planning on getting something within walking distance of the convention center, forget it.

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