Handling an Event Correctly, Sales-Wise

I give companies grief when they make mistakes, so I figured it only fair to give DC Comics some credit for how well they have handled Batman R.I.P., from a sales perspective.

Batman R.I.P. is one of the more popular storylines in comics right now, with the first issue cracking the Top 10 (and the 100,000 copies mark).

The third part was released last week, the first week of July. And DC has only JUST NOW sold out of the second part of the story, going to a second printing that will reach retailers by the end of July. The second printing of the first part was in retailers' hands soon after Part 2 came out, and a third printing will be in stores also in July.

That the second part sold out just now suggests to me that DC truly supported this storyline with a VERY healthy overprint, and then further helped retailers by getting the printings out quickly. By the time the fourth part comes out, retailers will be able to offer buyers all three parts of the storyline on top of the new, fourth part.

Well done, DC.

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